it's just a feeling

my thoughts blog

how are you able to bring out the honest feelings in me

I hate you the most because you tell me what I don’t want to hear and what I already know
thanks tho bruh


You begin to really appreciate time when you have none. 

how did the very thought of missing you bring tears to my eyes
I hate this.

I just want to sleep but all I can feel are the tears of “it’s over”


  • D: Yeh I would feel afraid too , there's also the situation that ur both afraid
  • But sometimes u gotta just take the jump unless u wanna stay in this limbo , which is not very fun
  • Me: I didn't think of it like that, makes me feel selfish. Sigh I guess I will, I only get sad when I think of him. I don't know.

why is it only painful when I think of you

definitely feels as if I’m falling back into it

these thoughts consume me

I wake up to these thoughts

I sleep to these thoughts

it’s shitty

It's okay to be lonely

  • H: Is the wine making you lonely?
  • Me: The wine brings out the inner loneliness I've been feeling; something I'd hate to admit to anyone, even myself. I thought not seeing him for 2 weeks was hard, now that it's been almost 5 it's like a numbing feeling now. I can tell him I miss him, I miss his face but telling him the depth of my loneliness isn't something I want to say, let alone even want to consciously recognise. I sound like I love him haha but I don't think I do, it's hard for me to even think about or even imagine telling someone that. I don't even tell my family that. In the end, I still don't know him that well

but why do I feel so sad, so down

Relationship talks make me sad.